A New Autism Story


Part II


In Part I I described the broad context of introducing Real Connections’ blog. Today, I would like to tell more about what the idea of a New Autism Story means to me.

The New Autism Story is a story of reciprocal empathy, neurodiversity, acceptance, development, individual differences, mindsight, relationships, intention, sense of self and understanding. The vision I have for the young autistic people I meet in my work is one where they are capable of living these concepts and never limiting the imagination for them to have the mindsight to see their own minds and the minds of others with clarity and insightfulness. This vision does not bring to mind the assurance of the structure of hard science, but these are the concepts that are played out as of primary importance to human growth and well-being in the behavioral sciences. The lessons of the 21st century enlightenment are that neuroscience has and continues to increasingly demonstrate the importance of relationships and attuned communication to what it means to be and become a healthy and integrated person.

The goal of this blog will be to share the findings and conversations happening in the fields of Autism research, Interpersonal Neurobiology, the Neurorelational Framework, and DIR/Floortime in order to help others tell a new story of Autism and provide solid, usable information to families and professionals supporting individuals on the Autistic Spectrum.

                             Ben Zequeira-Russell, Psy.D.