Autistic Self Advocacy Network


ASAN’s slogan is “nothing about us without us” which is empowering for Autistic people to not only experience, but enjoy the same opportunities as everyone by being in charge of their own lives. ASAN recently shared a letter to express the concerns that ABA is highly privileged over other therapies, making it appear as the only choice of therapy for children on the autism spectrum.


At times it can be difficult to make a decision on what kind of therapy a child on the autism spectrum should receive. Each individual has unique needs, resulting in selecting a therapy that will benefit them the most. ASAN’s statement presented the need for more awareness of and support for evidence-based options beyond ABA for families who are looking for services. It is critical that families and children have a choice, a choice of selecting an evidence-based therapy to which they will best respond. Families need to be exposed to all the resources and possibilities that are available. ABA is one option of many but it is not the only choice. With more service options available ASAN advocates for families who may be experiencing challenges or difficulties when finding which therapy will provide the most help for their child. Floortime therapy can be another option that is often overlooked or not presented to families as a service, but can be influential towards positive growth.  


If you would like to support parent choice for whichever evidence-based support are best for their child and family, please take a look at the current opportunities through the DIR/Floortime Coalition of California


By: Priscilla Jouvin