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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but is it the picture?

For those captured in our photos sometimes it’s the smile that’s worth so much more. A study done on stroke patients seemed to prove a smile’s worth. When patients who had damage to their right hemisphere were asked to smile or to show their teeth, the result was a lopsided or awkward look on their face. But when told a joke or seeing a family member the left hemisphere would activate the emotional center using its motor pathways to the facial muscles; producing a genuine smile from cheek to cheek. This result shows us that smiles have two different pathways; either voluntary/forced or spontaneous/genuine. It is the emotion processed from the “bottom-up” through the limbic system that generates the true, deeply felt smiles that can instantly make someone’s day. This is the smile that creates positive effects to your health and mood. A genuine response helps you in bettering yourself and helps those around you smile. So smile more!

By: Amanda Juarez