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Dr. Benjamin Zequeira-Russell

Dr. Benjamin Zequeira-Russell is a licensed psychologist with 18 years of clinical experience providing therapies for children with developmental, emotional, and learning differences. He is a father of 3 wonderful children and recently celebrated his 15  year anniversary with his wife. Aside from work Dr. Zequeira-Russell enjoys coaching his son’s soccer team and has served on the board for AYSO 2 region. He spends time playing soccer with his children and they have a fascinating interest in bird watching at unique remote locations. His profound respect for and celebration of Interpersonal Neurobiology along with his personal character provide the unfaltering foundation for his company, Real Connections Child Development Institute (RCCDI). The immeasurable value he places on relationships and the well-being of all people is deeply rooted in Dr. Zequeira-Russell’s own past and personal development.

As a child, Dr. Zequeira-Russell found his time spent hiking and camping in the mountains surrounding Seattle, WA freeing and formative. Before he had the specific words to verbalize it, he acknowledged the notion that people could lead more integrated, gratifying lives through experiences and relationships. It was this understanding that sparked his interest in studying psychology and experiential therapies.

Dr. Zequeira-Russell went on to pursue a B.A. in Psychology and two Master’s degrees. In 2002, he received a Doctorate in Psychology from Fuller Graduate School of Psychology, was honored with the prestigious William James award for his dissertation. During his postdoctoral clinical training, a job doing Floortime therapy allowed him to travel across the country for a 4-day seminar led by Dr. Stanley Greenspan, developer of the DIR/Floortime model of therapeutic intervention for children on the Autism spectrum. The “Floortime therapy” which Greenspan spoke of was directly in line with the types of relationship-based therapy that Dr. Zequeira-Russell always envisioned himself doing. He found Floortime to be a well-researched model of therapy that was not only needed in society, but extremely grounded and consistent with who he was as a person. Dr. Zequeira-Russell also holds a high position as secretary for the Coalition of California, he strives for a better outcome by increasing to support parent choice with children who have autism. At a time when he was also discovering his gift for working with children, it was a path that cohesively encompassed Dr. Zequeira-Russell’s passions, motivations, and goals.

Compelled by a passionate sense of social justice and responsibility, Dr. Zequeira-Russell independently founded RCCDI the same month he was licensed as a clinical psychologist. With diligence and a persistent expectation for growth and improvement, RCCDI now sustains over 60 employees. This drive for excellence has cultivated an ongoing commitment to continued education for Dr. Zequeira-Russell who now holds DIR certificates from both Profectum and ICDL, is on the IRB at Fuller Seminary, and continues to push RCCDI into new arenas of integration and research. A man that wears many hats, Dr. Zequeira-Russell demonstrates exemplary capabilities as a researcher, clinician, administrator, and business owner. His ability to fulfill all of these roles so keenly allows him to see the big picture in running a business informed by his clinical expertise.

With the highest integrity and quality of character, Dr. Zequeira-Russell runs a company with continued and unwavering commitment to providing high quality, family-inclusive programs that substantially improve the quality of life for the family as a whole.