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“Founded in 1969, the Resource for Education, Advocacy, Communication, and Housing (REACH) is a private, non-profit organization that supports individuals with a variety of lifelong disabilities including Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Down’s syndrome and related medical and/or behavioral disorders. Our history of achievements is the result of strong community and family support and an organizational culture that continually seeks to remove barriers and change the limiting cultural stereotypes long associated with this population. REACH currently serves people in the Southeast Los Angeles, San Gabriel Valley and North Orange County areas.”



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“The Center for Connection’s integrative, collaborative network of independent professionals represents a unique model in direct response to the needs expressed by families.  Our interdisciplinary approach alleviates the tension of running around to far too many different locations, professionals, and specialists.  By collecting the best of the best in various fields and offering them all in one location, we greatly improve the overall quality of care each person receives, while significantly reducing the stress and anxiety on the individual and family.”


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“Special-Fit is located in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California. It began out of an awareness that there weren’t many places or programs where children with special needs could go and get fit and healthy. It’s creation is the collection of many experiences and studies that it’s founder,  Mike Ramirez, went through during his years as a behavioral therapist and his time working in the field of fitness. After working in the field of child development for over 10 years, he noticed that there was a huge gap in meeting children’s needs on a physical basis. To put it simply, there weren’t many programs out there that focused on physical fitness, and school based programs were simply not enough. There was also an awareness to the fact that many children with special needs, especially autism, had challenges which impact their health and physical well being. In combining his expertise in both fields, he created a fitness program specifically designed for children with special needs. Special-Fit is focused on promoting health and fitness to children and teens with special needs. Our vision was to create a place where children with special needs can get trained by fitness experts, who have an understanding of developmental disorders.  Our program is designed to meet every child’s needs through the understanding of their unique challenges, designing a program to meet those specific challenges, and progressing them into a better quality of life. We focus on specific movements and skills in order to improve on strength, mobility, sensory integration, coordination, motor skills, attention, body awareness, and regulation, as well as the mind/body connection.

We all know the health benefits of exercising and eating healthy. Our hope is to make this program accessible to all children with special needs, regardless of their challenges, so that they have the same opportunity to live a healthier, happier life.”


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“Speech-Language Pathology a practice dedicated to improving the communication abilities of infants, toddlers and young children through empowering partnerships with families.”