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Special fit


We believe that fitness and movement offers a wide variety of benefits to our clients, but we found that many individuals often lack access to the appropriate gym or fitness environment. This prompted the development of our own Special Fit program – Special Fit RC. We aspired to create a program wherein our clients could receive specialized fitness training that is both challenging and engaging from experienced trainers who have an understanding of developmental disorders.


Our mission is to provide individuals with special needs an outlet where fitness is used to help them develop the physical and neurological skills to build confidence and enhance overall quality of life.


What is Special Fit?

Special Fit uses functional fitness to target many of the following issues that our clients face:


  • Motor development
  • Cognition and learning difficulties
  • Behavioral challenges
  • Impulse control
  • Low muscle tone
  • Poor posture
  • Sleep and energy levels
  • Attention
  • Hyper/hypo-arousal
  • Sensory issues
  • Stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Hormonal changes



In addressing the issues above, Special Fit RC follows a fitness model that scales and modifies exercises to allow clients to feel successful and progress into each movement at their own pace. The workouts are constantly varied, engage the entire body, and are designed to fit each client’s unique profile.


We match our clients’ profile and ability level by assessing 3 different areas of functioning: Neurological, Physical, and Individual Differences.

N – Agility, accuracy of movements, coordination, balance, and body awareness.

P – Strength, flexibility, endurance, stamina, and power.

I – Receptive and expressive communication needs, cognitive ability, social-emotional skills, sensory processing, behavioral challenges, and learning style.


What do sessions look like?

A typical session is divided into three parts and includes a warm up, skill/resistance training, and a short workout that emphasizes cardiovascular endurance. Workouts usually move through 3-5 different exercises for a set time frame (ex. as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes). Clients will be supported throughout the entirety of the session by their trainer, and they are taught how to move safely and confidently through the movements at a challenging pace. We also use a variety of prompts and methods of communicating depending on the client’s profile. Our ultimate goal is for all of our clients to feel successful in the workouts. By assessing their current level we are able to design an individualized program for them that builds on their unique strengths to also address any areas of weakness.


Where do I start?

Before training sessions begin, an initial evaluation must be completed with a head trainer/coach. This involves a short meeting with the caregiver/s, a questionnaire to be completed by the caregiver, and a 30 minute fitness assessment with the client. Upon completion of the evaluation, your coach will present the various training options, make recommendations, and answer questions. Together you will discuss what you would like your child’s program to look like and set up a tentative schedule. The training options, locations, and pricing are listed on the following pages.


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